Energy saving


Techonology used Sustainability benefits
DBL Battery charger 150kW Machine/year
ECO Select 400kW Machine/year
Estimated global energy saving for 2015

1.53Mln kW

Pressure Washer

Techonology used Sustainability benefits
ECO Mode 450kg Diesel/year
Advanced electronic temperature control 800kg Diesel/year
Estimated global fuel saving for 2015

10.3Mln Kg

Water saving solution


Techonology used Sustainability benefits
ECO Microfiber cleaning 18000lt Machine/year
APC Water flow control 9000lt Machine/year
Estimated global water saving for 2015

1.78Bln lt

Recycled plastics

Vacuum and trolleys

Techonology used Sustainability benefits
BIG: Recycled Plastics increasing use From 20% to 75%
Recycled plastic use for 2015

up to 75%

Company Policies

It is a primary commitment of IPC the complete satisfaction of the requests and expectations of its Customers and of the interested parties in compliance with the mandatory requirements and those contractually agreed as foreseen by the corporate policies on Quality, Safety and Environment established by the Management.

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